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Rat TSH ELISA - For Research Use Only




Key points for ELISA
																	Dilution of condensed reagents - standard solution, Labeled antibody solution
																	Washing of microplate - Dilution of washing buffer, High bank absorbance, Low or too much colouration, Peeling off of capture antibody
																	Shaking of microplate - Low colouration, Big variation, Poor sensitivity, 600 ~ 1,200rpm, 10sec.x3 times
																	Assay circumstance - Room temp(20~25 Celsius), Humidity(>30%), Airflow(0,4m/sec.>), Level, Avoidance of direct sunlight
																	Precaution to the safety - Gloves, Glasses, Mask, Laboratory Coats, 1M Sulphuric Acid, Assay Sample handling, Disposal of materials after assays, Storage of kits and term of validity
																	Instrumentation - Beaker-Graduated cylinder, Pipette - Tips, Vortex-type mixer, Thermometer-Hygrometer, Timer, Microplate reader(450nm, 620nm), Test tubes, Test rucks, others
																	Temperature adaptation - Temperature Adaptation Time, For partial use, TMB
																	Handling of pipette - Touch&Go, Pre-wetting, Co-washing


We would like to inform you that the highly sensitive Rat Thyroid Stimulating Hormone ELISA Kits from Shibayagi is available again and is quickly taking over the biological sphere.

These assays were unfortunately discontinued in 2012, but now Shibayagi released the new and improved version of those assays.

It is the most sensitive Rat TSH ELISA on the market. It uses 2 2 monoclonal antibodies directed to the α- and β-subunits of the TSH molecule which is a heterodimer.

Reference values:

Male CD (SD) rats, 9 weeks of age, fasting, TSH values: 3,26~4,65 ng/ml , n=5

Male CD (SD) rats, 7 months of age, non-fasting, TSH values: 2,50~4,04 ng/ml, n=5

Male CD (SD) rats, 9 weeks of age, non-fasting, thyroidectomized, TSH values: 8,09~11,9 ng/ml , n=5


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